High Involvement Leadership

High Involvement Leadership

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These leaders know how to develop and sustain high levels of performance and strive to achieve their personal best.

They know how to build strong relationships and to exert strong
interpersonal influence. They are driven by a strong sense of conviction and the desire to make
a difference through their work.

Personal best

The drive for excellence

  • Continually striving to improve
  • Setting high standards and challenging targets
  • Preparing well and following through
  • Always looking for a better way to do things and to perform
  • Measures progress, monitors milestones
  • Honest assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Inspires action
  • Challenges the status quo
  • Pays attention to the detail
  • Celebrates success

Engage: people are engaged when they are doing their best work

Interpersonal trust

The drive for respect

  • Is open with others
  • Builds trust
  • Actively listen to different points of view
  • Shows a genuine interest in others
  • Has a wide circle of influence
  • Gives recognition and acknowledges the contribution of others
  • Involves others in decisions
  • Is willing to give and receive feedback
  • Has an ethical code that guides his/her behaviour
  • Has earned the confidence and trust of others

Influence: people can be influenced when there are high levels of trust

Making a difference

The drive for meaning

  • Passionate about a cause
  • Does the right thing even when it’s not popular
  • Can describe a clear vision for the future
  • Is persistent in the face of adversity
  • Can bounce back quickly from a setback
  • Can sustain a high level of energy
  • Has the courage to challenge others
  • Sets goals that are aligned with the vision
  • Can inspire others to contribute
  • Brings significance to the work of others

Inspire: people are inspired when they believe they can make a real difference

High Involvement Leaders – Engage, Influence, Inspire