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About us

Terry Lee & Associates Pty Ltd, trading as Leadership Psychology Australia, are leadership psychologists who bring psychology and organisational insights to develop authentic leaders and teams to lead transformational change, unlock human potential and build culture by design. Our programs bring deeper meaning and purpose to life, leadership and learning.

Key programs building leadership to meet distinctive challenges

PwC (National Directors Program: Evolve) since 2015

” People today want leaders who are authentic and bring purpose, passion and principles to what they do.”  A program for leaders in building personal trust, meaning and purpose.

CSL  (Senior Leadership Program: Everyone a leader) since 2000

“Leadership is not a title, it is a human capability that all humans can develop. People lead their lives of which their work is an important part.”    A program for whole of life leadership.

TABCORP (Building the high performance organisation) since 2014

“The challenge for this generation of leaders is to take what is, and transform it, so that it is future fit and reflects new strategic realities.” A leadership program for transformational change in a VUCA world.

WILSON GROUP (Group Executive Program: Wilson leadership) since 2016

“Today senior leaders must build leadership across the group to shift silo thinking and remove barriers to innovation, collaboration and performance.”    A program design to build personal and enterprise leadership.

BUNNINGS WAREHOUSE ( AMDP: High Involvement Leadership) since 1998

“No organisation can build a unique culture, with leaders who are truly generic. Each must find what is distinctive and  works best for them.” A program to build the Bunnings high involvement leadership capability.

More clients we have worked with to build distinctive leadership.

Honda, Cisco, Fuji Xerox, ANZ, Clayton Utz, Fosters, Wesfarmers, Officeworks.

View Terry at Swinburne University Seminar in Melbourne


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